Sunday Slow Day

At In Clover we believe that Sunday should be a slow day. That is exactly what this Sunday was all about for me. Living close to the sea is a blessing and our office is only fifteen minutes from Sennen beach, so it seemed rude not to go and spend an afternoon on the cliffs with the family and Lexi. Apart from having a really amazing surf school Sennen has a lovely coastal path and little bay where we went looking for crabs. Lexi promptly took a swim (rather her than us) and then off we went back up the mahooosive hill to the viewpoint. 

This summer has been so busy that I hardly got to the beach at all, but now that Volume One is on the shelves we can take a little break and enjoy the beautiful Cornish coast. Down here depends upon tourism but it is lovely to have the beaches back to ourselves over winter and it means that dogs are allowed back on them too, which I am eternally grateful for as Lexi hates the lead and regularly eats her collar. 

We've had a really exciting week in the office, we have accepted our first photography submission and are in touch with some wonderful people who are submitting to Volume Two. More of that to come at a later date, although I think a little sneaky preview will pop up on the blog sometime soon. We have also been so thrilled to get emails from people who have bought In Clover and from shops who would like to stock us. It's a real joy to hear from you all and we had our first subscription go to California! For our independent magazine that has blown our minds and makes us work all the harder to make Volume Two even better. We also had some lovely reviews from Carrie at WishWishWish and Emma at Life of Yablon which is seriously cool, thank you ladies!

You still have plenty of time to submit to Volume Two, drop me an email at if you have any questions or just want to say hello! Most importantly have a lovely week and take time to indulge and drink a brew with you feet up.