A Massive Thank You

In Clover was the brain child of editor Bryony Hipkin and embodied by designer Olivia Gray. We would like to thank everyone who has pre ordered and has continued to buy In Clover. This week we sent our first issues off to America and Germany. How someone in Nashville heard of us, we do not know, but we hope it is a sign that the magazine has a global appeal. The feedback has been heart warming and overwhelming with constant praise and support for the magazine. 

Our first print run has almost sold out, something we did not think possible for a small independent print magazine. To see the magazines at our first stockist, The Book Barge, has made our year and we are currently looking at having an agency distribute In Clover which will free up our time to work on content. This is of the utmost importance to us and we can only put all our efforts in to taking the magazine from strength to strength. 

A special thank you to all of our contributors, without you In Clover would not have been possible and your dedication to the magazine has made our jobs all the much easier. We will soon be discussing reprinting and are penning ideas for Volume Two. To everyone involved, you have our eternal gratitude. 

In Clover TeamComment