In Clover Is Here

It has been a year since the idea of In Clover came to me. In the past twelve months it has gone from a university project to a fully fledged magazine with a list of stockists that I could have only dreamed of (more of that soon). Taking In Clover from a slightly rushed and stressed final piece of work from university to a full time job has been an absolute roller coaster - plenty of ups, downs and essentially the year has gone all too fast. That being said, I was beside myself with happiness when 200 copies got delivered to my door and I was borderline ecstatic when Comag (our lovely distributor) let me know that 800 copies had arrived with them and were ready for dispatch.  

Our little team is made up of only three people and without the other two having blind faith in the project it would not be where it is today. Wooing them down to Cornwall for lots of food and wine before a whole day slogging away at subediting, then the laptop consequently dying from exhaustion lead to a blind panic and a slight delay. All this said and done, it's been worth every nail biting moment. 

This week I got to take a copy over to a photographer friend and fellow editor, Olivia, to take some photos of In Clover and curl up on her sofa with a huge mug of tea and relax. So, here are some snaps, we love he final outcome and hope that everyone who buys it does too. 

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