Volume Two

The creation of Volume Two has been a long process. It was a learning curve for our team as Volume One was my final university project which we worked on together. This Volume had no university deadlines to adhere too, so we took our time to put together a magazine that was truly our own and hoped its content would surpass the previous Volume. With every intention of being quarterly we saw that deadline pass us by as we continued to tweak and accept submissions that were too good to turn down. We certainly took our time but when we got Volume Two back from the printers, with a different paper stock and finish, the results exceeded everything that we hoped for. 

We saw incredible work come in and a huge amount of people asking whether it was possible for them to intern with us (something I'm afraid we don't do yet). Olivia, our Creative Director, had an extensive amount of submissions to work with to create Volume Two. One of these pieces was something our Art Director, Alice, got involved in with Ariana Ruth and Dunja Opalko to create a feature on 'offline escapes' in London. This was a step in the direction that we want to take with In Clover as we found ourselves with two new friends and working on something that we all believed in and are proud of. The sense of community that has arisen from In Clover was something that is at the route of its origin. I wanted to work on a publication that would hopefully bring people together, Volume Two has allowed our team to work with and meet so many talented people that we otherwise would be completely unaware of. 

Two days ago I walked down the street and saw a stranger with a copy of Volume Two of in Clover. It was a surreal experience, part of me wanted to ask her what she thought about it and where she had picked up her copy, the other part of me decided she might be a tad overwhelmed to have me bounding up to her and showering her with questions. I feel humbled that people buy In Clover and to those who send us messages saying how much they enjoy it, thank you. Those emails and letters make our day and I don't think it's possible to get tired of hearing that a particular article or feature was relatable or inspiring. Whether you're a foodie looking for a recipe (Alice Szabo returned as a contributor with something for those with a sweet tooth), finding the courage for a shake up of your current lifestyle or looking for something to read quietly, settle down with Volume Two with either a good brew or a large glass of wine and enjoy in peace.