Stay at the Willow-Witt Ranch

During our North American adventure we stayed in cities, forests and even suburbia. But at the end of it all the evening that we spent on Glamping Hub’s Willow-Witt Ranch stood out as the favourite. I believe I first heard of the term ‘glamping’ back in 2006, I was reading an interview with Alexa Chung and marvelled at the concept. Up until that point my sole camping experience was of a weekend away at Girl Scout Camp at the ripe old age of eight. I hadn’t been much of a fan. 

As someone who does genuinely like the outdoors, nature walks and all of that lovely fresh air, glamping was the greatest thing since sliced bread! I quickly began my search and was remiss to find any feasible options, be it for monetary or location reasons. The idea never left me though. It wasn’t until I was planning for my North American road trip for In Clover that I came across the brilliant website Glamping Hub. With an endless directory of glamping stays all around the world, I found myself tumbling down the rabbit hole as I went from one beautiful location to another. From yurts to farmhouses to tree houses -they had it all.

I began searching along the route of our two week drive and came across the idyllic Willow-Witt Ranch, an organic farm that runs off of solar energy. And like that it was booked, my first glamping experience! Soon after confirming the booking I received an email from Suzanne, the owner of the idyllic farm, with directions and a hand drawn map (apparently it’s so off the grid not even Google can find it!)

Upon our arrival we were welcomed by the ever-so-helpful farm dogs Izzy and Aldo. Izy loves barking almost as much as she loves belly rubs! Aldo on the other hand plays the stoic, wise elder. He seems to do what he pleases and is known to wander over from the main house to the campgrounds to check in on the children staying on the ranch.

 I believe the real magic of staying at the Willow-Witt Ranch, is the ranch. The evening that we stayed with Suzanne was such a special experience. Spending time around the fire with friends drinking wine, making s’mores interrupted with belly aching laughs. It also didn’t hurt that when we finally retreated back to our ‘glamorous tent’ we discovered that Suzanne had built us a fire in our chiminea. Rescuing us from an almost certainly pathetic attempt on out part. The beds were spectacularly lush and it was certainly one of the deepest sleeps I had the whole trip.

The following morning, we woke refreshed and toasty warm. With the promise of a farm fresh breakfast it was the only thing getting us out of our feather down cocoon. Making our way over to the main house, Aimee and I harvested some fresh produce for a salad before grabbing some bacon and eggs at the farm shop. The kitchens on site are fabulously furnished and have everything you could possible want short of a Kitchen Aid mixer.

After a hearty breakfast we were given the grand tour by Suzanne's farmhand Micah. This is something that they offer to all of the people that stay at the Willow-Witt Ranch, something that I think is so important. Organic farming is certainly the harder and more expensive route -but one that comes with countless benefits. This is something that you're reminded of as you watch Micah feeding the pigs, or witnessing the shear sass of the goats as they mill about waiting to be milked, (who knew they were ones for the spotlight!) With the ever so energetic farm dog, Izzy in tow we made our way over to the chickens, located in the middle of a pasture near the main house. We even had a go at collecting eggs from the hen coup!