The beginning of our India Journey

In Clover India tourist 7098.jpg

As you may have spotted via instagram and the blog this year part of the In Clover team traveled to South India as part of a tour organised by Kamalan. This feature is going to make up a large part of the magazine, with ten nights in eight different locations there was more imagery than we knew what to do with. It became increasingly clear that it was near impossible to select just a few for print when so many were breathtaking in their own right. We've decided to create a fortnightly blog post in the run up to releasing of Volume Four to give small insights into our journey and to remind ourselves that the sun is shining somewhere as we now enter winter here in the UK. 

Our journey was tailored to us in a way that was beyond considerate and allowed us to see South India in a way few people get to. With local guides teaching us about the culture and able to answer all questions that we had, the trip became far more that a sightseeing tour but an immersive cultural experience. It took us from bustling cities to deserted beaches, tea plantations and tiger reserves, dense jungles to the backwaters of Kerala on a sunset boat ride. It was so sensational even with leeches getting through Dunja's leech proof socks and a trip to the hospital for Bryony with a tooth infection. No questions were left unanswered and no experience failed to leave a lasting impact. 

To visit Kamalan's website click here. All photos for the blog post are by Dunja Opalko