Words and photography by Sera Barbieri

    Colorful, happy, delicious. This is Copenhagen. When I thought of the four months I would be spending studying, living, and traveling Europe, Copenhagen wasn’t on my travel bucket list. I had honestly never really thought twice about it, so when a few friends asked me if I wanted to go for a weekend, I was slightly doubtful. I can easily say that it was the best hesitant “yes” I’ve uttered on this adventure. Words cannot adequately express how wonderful Copenhagen truly is—navigable, bright, delightful, just to swoon a bit. From the minute I stepped foot on the streets of this magnificent city, my love of the culture and atmosphere ran deep. The mere two days spent walking, talking, and eating my way through this city left me yearning for more. 

    It’s a given fact to anyone who has traveled to a new place that walking is the best way to explore and understand a city. However, Copenhagen’s streets take you to a place beyond the average jaunt. Colorful buildings around every corner, Nyhavn Harbor, palaces and castles, Little Mermaid on a lonely boulder in the sea…Every nook and cranny is worth the stress on your feet. 

    With buildings splashed in colors that exude warmth and coziness—burnt oranges, bright yellows, deep blues, every shade of pink imaginable—lining the streets, there’s no wonder that Danish people are some of the happiest in the world, and so extremely kind. For someone that struggles immensely with new languages, the common usage of English is Denmark is a gift from the gods. Seemingly every conversation I exchanged went beyond the average “hello” and “goodbye” generally uttered in foreign lands, oozing with openness beyond anything I have experienced. Take any opportunity to strike up a conversation. 

    If beautiful scenery and amicable people weren’t enough, then listen up: the food in Copenhagen was unimaginable. Seriously, my food coma felt never-ending (in the best way possible). Indoor street markets (Copenhagen Street Food Market is a must), variety beyond my wildest imagination, or brunch that made me week at the knees—there are endless options for any food lover. There is a unique ambiance to the food scene in Copenhagen, a combination of warmth, intimacy, and style that will immediately put a smile on your face.