Andrea Roman at Turning Earth

For Volume Three I visited Andrea at Turning Earth and it was a wonderful experience. It's not often much thought goes into the process behind the hand crafted pieces that we buy. It was eye opening and an enlightening experience to put a face to the name and a personality too. Andrea greeted us with herbal tea in one of her beautifully crafted mugs and settled us in by giving us a tour and inviting us to try making our own pot. We weren't very good at all but Andrea is a patient teacher and made us feel good about our wonky creations. When selecting images for print it was a painstaking task so we've decided to share a wider selection here. Below is a snippet from Volume Three and our interview with Andrea. The full text can be seen within the Volume which can be bought here

....As Andrea works on some cylinders just out the kiln, Dunja queried her on how long it had taken her to hone her skills, “I don’t know, I think I’m still learning."  This humble response from a clearly talented maker reflects in her work. There is nothing ostentatious about each piece and, like her work, Andrea is unpretentious and soulful. Having only expected to spend an hour at TurningEarth time quickly slipped by.  The combination of good company and an enchanting space sparks a desire to have a studio of my own that emanates a similar atmosphere. The productivity of the makers culminates in regular studio sales.  The doors to Turning Earth are thrown open to the general public so they too can experience the space and shop among the vast array of pottery.

Tallie, the founder of Turning Earth, arrives as Andrea is clearing up my over-ambitious collapsed pot. Chatty and enthusiastic, she happily natters about Andrea and the other makers. Having previously lived in the USA, where she found communal pottery studios were the norm, she brought the concept back with her to London. Her background in sales helped raise funds to open the space and breathe new life into what was previously a glass studio. During conversation we discover that Tallie used to make pieces too, and I ask her whether she also utilises the space asa maker, “Nothing that I could possibly make would give me the joy that I get seeing 100 people making their stuff”....


To see more work by Andrea click here and for information on Turning Earth please click here. All photography by Dunja Opalko whose work you can see here