Travelling with Honest

Sensitive skin can be a real pain - particularly when travelling. Long flights and irregular sleeping patterns take their toll and a lot of time on the road can make us tired and dehydrated. It's one thing that I didn't want to worry about as we undertook our ten days exploring Southern India with Kamalan Travel. We wanted to pack as little as possible with products that would cover all necessary skin needs. It was a no brainer to source a range that was environmentally friendly, natural and cruelty free. Having heard of Honest and doing a little bit of reading they had the perfect array of products for us to try and pop in our suitcase. 

First off was a toner that would help moisturise and remove excess oils and makeup from long days on the road. The floral toner has a lovely Rose + Neroli scent and is incredibly gentle on the skin. A spritz or two on slightly damp cotton wool and the toner glides over your face and smells beautiful. I have always had a problem with moisturisers, for some reason my skin puts up a protest every time a remotely scented cream comes into contact with it. After doing a 24 hour patch test before we left (always smart when trying anything new) and being thrilled at the results, it went in the suitcase and was gentle enough to be used morning and night. I'm normally incredibly wary of anything with any kind of scent but the raspberry and frankincense isn't remotely overwhelming on the skin. We'd been warned that there may be mosquitos and other nibbling bugs and lemongrass has oils in that make a natural repellent for mosquitos. Although advertised as a hand wash, I used it partly as a shower gel too on my arms and legs where insects could easily reach during the day and night. Amazingly the bites were to an absolute minimum and this so rarely happens any time I travel abroad. Lemongrass truly is a skin saver! 

I'm almost constantly sporting chapped lips. It's probably an old wives tale that chapsticks dry your lips out on purpose so you buy more, but they've never really worked for me. Up until this point I had stopped buying them and never used them as part of my skin care routine, this meant ruling out lipsticks as they only sat awkwardly on split lips which isn't the most enticing look. It's a rather solid lip balm which means you don't end up with it all over your fingers. The cocoa + spearmint balm is a gentle relief for dried out lips. The cocoa softens and the spearmint keeps a mildly minty fragrance around your mouth. 

You can have a little look at further products from Honest here. All Photos taken by Dunja Opalko at CGH Earth on our visit to India with Kamalan