Colours of India

When I first considered what I may see on our trip to India, one thing jumped to mind, colour. I expected vibrancy and was not left disappointed. It features in everything from the temples to the clothing, markets flourish with rich hues and the varying textures only add to the welcome assault on the senses. During our first few days it was clear that we were not the norm in India due to our clothing, blacks, greys and whites, these were subdued and almost dowdy in comparison to the bright saris and multicoloured cities and landscapes. Everything in India just seemed more fun. The country has a welcome chaos and disorder, it seems a million miles away from the British culture of prim and proper and neat and orderly. All this vibrancy takes over the senses and gave me an energy which I was not expecting, I felt an overwhelming need to touch the flowers for sale and run my fingers over the monuments in temples and feel the ground under my bare feet. I can't say that an other country that I have visited has given me the same sense of awe and wonder. 

We were able to bring home relics from our trip that have made my once plain and simple home a more interesting space. These pops of colour come in the form of brass elephants to give you good luck, turquoise tiles, gold painted boxes that hold tiny trinkets, red and yellow spices that sit in jars in my kitchen, emerald trousers with gods printed on them, an orange trimmed eye mask and photos of us in jungles that sit on my mantle piece. These keepsakes are an every day reminder of a colourful culture that have both physically and mentally moved me to push boundaries and embrace change. 

All photos from our trip with Kamalan Travel are taken by Dunja Opalko

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