South India : Women who pave the way

When Kamalan were penning our route for our tour through South India it wasn't just the places we hoped to see but the people too. In the vast landscapes of the southern states, each person became just as prominent as the monuments and cities that surrounded them. As International Women's Day has just passed us we have decided to share a snippet of the women that we photographed along the way. Each person had their own unique story to tell and was happy to answer questions and allow us to take photos of them. There was always a sense of welcome from these women, happy to indulge our questions and generous to a fault with their time and possessions. Nothing was too much trouble and the overwhelmingly positive attitudes became infectious. Coming from a country of excess and privilege it was humbling to be welcomed with open arms by complete strangers along our ten day journey. These mothers, daughters, sisters and aunts are without a doubt some of the most hardworking, caring and genuine people we have ever had the good fortune of meeting and it would be a gift to cross paths with them again in the future. 

All photos by Dunja Opalko during our journey with Kamalan Travel.