The pursuit of slowness in 2018


When we start the year it's easy to create a list of must-dos. Must eat better, travel more, take up a new hobby, work harder. These are all excellent resolutions but one I intend to make this year is to find time to be slower. Taking an extra ten minutes (ideally more) a day to relax, sit and do very little, preferably with a coffee or a book. When the world appears to be rushing I am going to start advocating for a little more slowness. It all stemmed from listening to Radio Four and interviewee, Lucy Cooke, who is a Zoologist and founder of the Sloth Appreciation society - bare with me I know that sounds odd! Lucy made some excellent points that when it comes to living longer, laziness may play a huge role. You can listen to the show here on iPlayer.  We shouldn't all turn into one of the slowest animals on the planet, we all have busy lives, but taking time for ourselves is of the utmost importance. 

In Volume Four we featured Harp Cottage. In desperate need of some downtime and somewhere to switch off, we headed for the retreat nestled among the rolling Welsh Hills. When we travel we often feel the need to pack in as much as possible, taking a break from activities and plans feels like cheating and a lie in is a big no-no. This year I want my travels to be more like my stay at Harp Cottage, quiet, peaceful and slow. Retreats like these are good for the mind, body and soul. Pack some new books and your walking boots, go alone or take some friends, the cottage sleeps up to five people in three bedrooms and is delightfully spacious (you'd never believe it from the outside) and indulge in being more like the sloth. Slow is the way of life around here, with the pub a stone's throw away and endless footpaths sprawling through the countryside right outside the front door.