Sakura with Miles and Miles


Sakura with Miles and Miles

Japan is a destination we have been wanting to explore for some time. As travel photographers and designers, we’ve always felt a strong connection with Japanese culture, design and cuisine. We decided to make a trip there during the infamous Sakura, to see it with our own eyes.


We arrived in Tokyo in the midst of a round the world trip, and wasted no time setting out to embrace the city. We sipped Japanese whiskey, slurped ramen and walked down the many beautiful backroads of Daikanyama (one of our favourite neighborhoods). We were fortunate to catch the Sakura bloom, and witness the spirit of Hanami throughout the city. To experience the work ethic, the respect between people, the organisation of this city, was like nothing we had ever experienced. 


With a little extra time, we made sure to add on a few days in Kyoto and Kanazawa. With great ease we grabbed matcha waffles and bento boxes and hopped on the Shinkansen Bullet Train. We traversed both cities on foot and by bicycle and ate our way into oblivion. From Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, to Aritsugu (a knife specialist in Nishiki Market), to an evening well spent catching up with friends over Omakase, we left both places with full hearts and bellies. The attention to detail and meticulous curation of everything we set eyes on during our trip to Japan had us reeling with inspiration. We’re already planning our next trip!


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