Women in Business Workshop

Our inaugural workshop was born out of a desire for us to meet our readers. To share our stories, learn from passionate people and make new connections from like-minded women. The idea for our first workshop, Women in Business seemed like the perfect fit for our readers as well as us! 

The day began at Tiosk, a tea cafe on Broadway Market. A road that is quiet during the week but is a hub of activity for the locals on the weekend. There you can find bookshops galore, a butcher, fish monger, baker and many many coffee shops. There is however only one brick & mortar that specialises in tea. The idea for Tiosk was born by owners and friends Natasha and Nichola. In between their fast paced corporate jobs in fashion and raising their children they planned and plotted to open their own shop. After two years, they were able to gain premises in East London. 

For over an hour we learned about the art of tea brewing, starting a business, navigating work with a friend as well as learning how to adapt your business to the market. Natasha and Nichola were so generous with their time and we all enjoyed listening to them speak with such passion and humour, qualities that one needs when starting a business. 

After we finished tea and vegan chocolate cake made by Victoria Yum, we took a five minute stroll over to Netil House. Home to the e-commerce site, The Acey where Holly Allenby invited us into her studio. We listened intently as she guided us through her own story and how she approached eco friendly businesses to agree to stocking their products on her site. The Acey has even started their own line of ethically made clothes that you can purchase on their online store. Not only did Holly answer some of our bigger questions about running an online shop but also what to look out for when trying to shop ethically. 

Our last stop before lunch was the gorgeous Kana Studios tucked away behind London Fields. The studio is full of light, art and music as we walk in. Ana, the artist and owner of Kana is already opening bottles of prosecco for us to sip on as we browse the endless number of shelves holding her work. It was inspiring listening to how her background in fine art and sculpture influenced the way she works now in pottery, making her so different from other ceramists out there. Afterwards, we were lucky enough to shop from her studio store and grab a few goodies before we left, our bags a lot heavier than when we walked in.  

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The day ended with a chilly winter walk through Columbia Road Flower Market as we made our way to Smokestak, hidden down Sclater street in between Shoreditch High Street and Brick Lane. As we opened the door to the restaurant, we were hit with a rush of warmth and the booming voices of very happy diners. As the Bar Manager, Ben poured us glasses of sparkling wine, he told us the story of Smokestak and how it all began. 

On a whole we couldn't have been happier with the results of the day. With new friends made, our stomachs full, we said our goodbyes and exchanged business cards and Instagram accounts so we could keep in touch. As I made my way home I reflected on what all of these inspiring women had said, recommended and learned through their life experiences. One thing that they had all reiterated was that you can't do it alone. You need to find a community that can encourage you when you're down, advise you when you need help and celebrate your successes as they come. In Clover would just like to say a big thank you to everyone that was involved with the day. 

We will be hosting similar events throughout the year, not only in London but around the UK. We'd love to hear from you and see where you'd most like us to visit! Please get in touch with your suggestions by email or instagram. If you want to be kept up to date on upcoming events you can sign up for our newsletter below in the footer. We hope to see you at our next event!

-The In Clover Team

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