Sharing in Offline Pursuits


Taking more time to be offline was part of the reason behind why I started In Clover. It's so very easy to become attached to anything electronic, and although I am rarely without my phone, I promised myself that in 2018 I would take time to be offline more. It sounds a little bonkers to think that you might need to schedule 'offline time' but I have found that unless I consciously schedule it in, the whole day slips away in a whirl of emails, work, chores, cooking and running around after the menagerie of animals in my home.

During the day I'd like to be switched off, switched off from the need to check my devices for updates, new emails and news stories, and pay a bit more attention to the moment. Fostering a dog has helped me a huge amount, you can't sit at your desk all day and get square eyes from screens when a dog is around, they need to go out and you need to take them. This is how I found myself coming to the realisation that these necessary walks for my dog, were massively beneficial for me too. This time in the fresh air and chance to explore my local area and further afield with my happy companion made me happier, and I'd like to share these places with you. In turn, the In Clover team hopes you'll share your offline escape with us. From today we're starting the hashtag #myofflineescape. We're under no illusion that anyone is leaving their phone at home! What we'd like to see is a snippet of the place that you feel happiest when offline, so that you can help inspire others to find their offline escape too. Your offline escape could be at the bottom of the garden, far enough away from the house so that you can't hear family chaos for two minutes, it may be a local walk close to your home, a remote beach that only locals know about, a quiet corner of a pub where you can read a book, your favourite holiday destination, if you find it a source of comfort from it, then we would be delighted to hear about it.