Offline Escape: A Guide to a Bank Holiday Weekend in London

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This last weekend in South England was gloriously sunny and warm. It also marked the first Bank holiday weekend of May. For many, a Bank Holiday is the perfect excuse to get out of town. There are also people who think of it as a good excuse to explore their home city.

For our Managing Editor Ariana, this was a chance for her to explore new places and relax at old favourites. Read her guide below of her top parks to spend a sunny Bank Holiday weekend at.


Bushy Park | This last Saturday I ventured out to Zone 6 where my friends and I spent hours roaming Bushy Park.  We spent the majority of our afternoon kipping under a Chestnut tree, a nearby stream as our soundtrack. Waking up early that morning I made my way to Bread by Bicycle Cafe to grab a loaf of their large sourdough and a few cardamom buns to help start our day. With our sandwiches made and the rest of our picnic packed we made our way down to south west London. 

Upon arriving at Hampton Court Station, we followed the droves of people out onto the busy high street, eventually parting ways as they all turned right, into Hampton Court Palace. With our bearings beginning to return, we crossed the nearby common and made our way into the park. The Wilderness Garden was something to marvel, the gardeners there had found a beautiful balance between wild and manicured. Creating small nooks, paths and streams for people to enjoy while letting the plants, flowers and trees grow where they fancied. 

Hampstead Heath | An old favourite of mine, it's the park I most often frequent and is only a 20 minute walk away from home. With a stop at Crick's Corner for a cup of their fabulous coffee at the halfway point, we make our way up the hill to the heath.

With no destination in mind we walk at a leisurely pace watching the dogs play in the water, their owners close by on the shorelines throwing them the odd stick or toy to fetch. Though the park is packed with keen swimmers, picnicers and even the odd jogger we are still able to find abandoned fields for a quiet moment of refuge. 

Richmond Park | Even though the journey to Richmond Park can be a bit long, I find myself looking for any excuse to visit the thames side village. With wild dear, endless walking paths and beautifully curated gardens there's heaps for you to see on a visit to London's largest park. 

I also always make a stop at the beautiful Petersham's Nursery, tucked in between the Thames and Richmond Park where you can grab a bite to eat or a cup of tea and slice of cake. It also doesn't hurt that they have a beautiful home goods shop in one of their greenhouses.

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