In Clover is made up of four UK based creatives, each issue is packed full of work that has been submitted to us. We love to hear your stories and share them with our readers. Below are the guidelines to our upcoming issue, please also read our guidelines to make sure that your submission meets our criteria.  

If you have a unique and unpublished story to tell then we want to hear it. We accept, and are not limited to, submissions regarding, photography, video and film, illustration and art and essays without images. We have been incredibly lucky to receive a huge variation of work from a global creative community. If you think your work is suitable for In Clover then we want to hear from you. 

Stuck for an idea? We are happy to look at your website, social media profiles and portfolio to asses your style and how it can work for us. We have had stories we've wanted to create before and then been able to reach out to a potential contributor because we have their work on file. 

In Clover works purely on submissions and we do not commission pieces currently. Due to the size of our team, if you haven't heard from us within a fortnight please feel free to send a follow up email. We try to respond to everybody regardless if you are successful with your submission, or not.  

Volume V 

Revisited For Volume V, In Clover will be focusing on the mind set when returning to a place, project, recipe, memory etc. How has your perspective changed? Do you appreciate different things? Do you notice something that you hadn’t had the time to see before? Many times there are decisions that you wouldn’t change or restaurants that you visit every time you’re near. Volume V is an examination of these moments, thoughts and perspective changes. We encourage you to take this theme as strictly or loosely as you wish. You can even write up the whole submission, leave it for a week and then revisit it again before submitting it. 

In Clover will be taking submissions for Volume V until February 2018.

Please direct all submissions to


When sending through your idea please make sure to include all relevant details, including links to your social media accounts and websites. We also request that you keep all attached files to under 2mb, you may also share your work with us via low res images, pdf's and file-sharing sites.

We look forward to seeing your work!

-The In Clover Team