In Clover is made up of four UK based creatives, each issue is packed full of work that has been submitted to us. We love to hear your stories and share them with our readers. Below are the guidelines to our upcoming issue, please also read our guidelines to make sure that your submission meets our criteria.  

If you have a unique and unpublished story to tell then we want to hear it. We accept, and are not limited to, submissions regarding, photography, video and film, illustration and art and essays without images. We have been incredibly lucky to receive a huge variation of work from a global creative community. If you think your work is suitable for In Clover then we want to hear from you. 

Stuck for an idea? We are happy to look at your website, social media profiles and portfolio to asses your style and how it can work for us. We have had stories we've wanted to create before and then been able to reach out to a potential contributor because we have their work on file. 

In Clover works purely on submissions and we do not commission pieces currently. Due to the size of our team, if you haven't heard from us within a fortnight please feel free to send a follow up email. We try to respond to everybody regardless if you are successful with your submission, or not.  

In Clover will be taking submissions for Volume V until April 2018.

Please direct all submissions to


In Clover accepts articles of all sizes, styles and on a wide range of topics. If unsure on what is best to submit, or to pitch an idea, please contact the submissions team on, they will be happy to discuss ideas and help you form a premise. We take submissions from students as well as professionals.

  1. Written articles must be in English, using UK English spelling.

  2. In Clover reserves the right to make grammatical and editorial changes to follow house style.

  3. Contributors are responsible for providing the credits, Name, Website, Instagram Handle, and address for us to send you a copy once printed.

  4. Recipes must have measurements given in grams, not cups. For small measurements in grams, you may use teaspoon and tablespoon as a form of measurement.

  5. If more than one person has contributed, credits for each person’s role must be clearly stated.

  6. Photos MUST be submitted in CMYK format and at least 300 dpi.

  7. In Clover reserves the right to withdraw an article prior to print.

We print on uncoated paper and images will not be as bright as if printed on coated. When planning your shoot, keep this in mind. Photo based stories must contain at least 15 images for us to select from, please e-mail these to us in high res format or share via Dropbox or WeTransfer.

In Clover reserves the right to lay out your content in the way that we see fit and following our house style. In Clover does not share PDFs of spreads until the magazine has been released. We will inform you on the page count that your feature covers prior to you receiving your copy.

In Clover works on a submissions only basis.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

-The In Clover Team